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Climb of the Saint-Rumbold’s Tower

Climb the 538 steps of the impressive Saint-Rumbold’s Tower, the symbol of Mechelen, together with a city guide from Mechelen and get to know everything about this unique building. You climb to Mechelen’s roof and on your way up, you catch your breath in the six tower rooms, where the guide will tell you the history of the tower. How was the tower built? Why are there marks on the steps? Why do some bells have names and others don’t? What is a carillon?

The way to the top is impressive: where else in the world can you find two carillons in one tower? Once at the top, the skywalk takes away your breath. With clear weather you can see the Brussels Atomium or Antwerp’s port.

Do you want to climb the Saint-Rumbold’s Tower with a carilloneur? This is possible, but please keep in mind that the number of carilloneurs is limited, so make sure you book well in advance.

The Tower is not wheelchair-friendly, but you can visit it virtually via You can also use one of the VR glasses in the office of Visit Mechelen to visit the tower virtually.


€ 93 plus € 8 pp Tower entrance fee (reduction may apply)
1h - 1,5h - 2h
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